Welcome to "The Holy Record Evening Hellsingland"!


Record collecting is a social hobby! It has now been proven!
One of the great moments in life is to sit down, grab a beer and play a good record.
Everyone agrees with that?! Why not do it with others which also share your interest?

So, september 2002 I stumbled over a website called "The Holy Skivafton".
I checked it out and got all exited! There were rules, kinda like whisky-club
rules, about how to behave in a gathering. How many songs you were allowed
to play per evening, grades, judgements and so on. A lot of it whas of course
with a smile, but the serious part was that you get to listen to a lot of new music.
Some that you might never think of listen to!

- Hence: Organized record crazyness! A bunch of friends, guys and girls, get
together, play some records, drink some good beer and whisky (voluntarily of
course!), give grade and judgements to all the songs, and in the end of the
evening crown a king or a queen! The king (or the queen) is the one who played
the song that got the highest grades.

I thought that it sounded like alot of fun. Started to plant the idea among
my record collecting friends and everybody thought it was a great thing to do.

Said and done, we have now been doing this for almost two years, and it has
been alot of fun times along the way. Plenty of good songs has been played,
tastes of music has been broadened and smaller miracles has taken place!
I'm thinking especially when "Sillstryparen" (Swedish progressive rock) and
their song "Doin The Omoralisk Schlager Festival Blues" got the first place.
It's not a specially "serious" song...but really fun!

We have even got so serious that we have made our own t-shirts (see Bilder).
An album with the number ones and the number twos of every evening is in the making.

Does this sound like a fun thing to do?
Then gather a bunch of friends and do like we!

Jörgen - Iggesund 30 april 2004

The bigger part of this website is in Swedish. Just this summary is in english.
Hellsingland (actually Hälsingland) is a part of Sweden, about 300 km up north from Stockholm (The Capital).

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